10 Things to Never Leave the House Without

I’m sure that all of us have had a time where we’ve been caught outside of our homes without something that we’ve desperately needed. To solve this problem, I’ve compiled a list of the ten things that I believe every girl should always remember to bring with them whenever stepping out!

1. Phone

In the 21st century, I don’t even need to mention this because phones are pretty much pacemakers or oxygen tanks for many of us! You never know when someone will have to contact you, if you will have to look something up on the Internet, or if you need to reference your electronic schedule! Bottom line is, it’s a handy and convenient device to have on you at all times!

2. Wallet

This, too, may seem straightforward, but I have forgotten my wallet at home so many times and usually find myself needing to buy something on those days specifically! Always double check that you have your wallet – complete with your cards and I.D. – in order to avoid potential problems!

3. Hand Sanitizer

The world is a breeding ground for bacteria. I don’t know about you, but I hate being in public and getting stuck next to the guy who is coughing – like he’s on a Buckley’s cough syrup commercial – into his hand before he proceeds to touch a surface that you’re going to have to touch right after. It’s a recipe for a cold. Carry hand sanitizer and use it before touching your face, eating, or after coming in contact with a potentially infected surface! Bath and Body Works sells hand sanitizer for awesome prices, and they smell delicious! They also carry hand-sanitizing lotion! There’s no excuse to not sanitize!

4. Lip Balm

Chapped lips are not fun. They’re uncomfortable and do not look very nice, especially under lipstick! Lip balm isn’t only for lips, either! It can be used on dry cuticles, on dry patches of skin, and on paper cuts in order to soothe the sting! I highly recommend EOS brand lip balm, but I also love Maybelline’s Baby Lips line!

5. Pressed powder

I hate looking shiny! This is especially important for those of us who have oily skin. You never know when you may have to touch yourself up, so do yourself a favor and carry it with you! BONUS: most pressed powder compacts come with a mirror inside of it – no more using reflective windows (which may open up to a Psychology class doing a study on how many people check themselves out when exposed to a reflective surface), a random car’s side-view mirror, or your iPhone’s front facing camera!

6. A pen and something to write on

Even though our cell phones have note taking and contact-book features, you never know when you’ll have to write something down in hard copy! Also, your “something to write on” can be a business card, which already has all of your contact information on it!

7. Nail clippers or a nail file

Nails break and nails hang. Be prepared for these unfortunate occurrences by having a pair of nail clippers or a file! Better yet, get a pair of nail clippers with a built in file! You’ll thank me later.

8. Spare change

I know that I already told you lovely people to bring your wallets with you; however, I believe that carrying spare change with you is also extremely helpful! You never know when you’ll need to grab a quick snack or drink from a vending machine, donate to a cause while walking down the street, or unexpectedly have to pay for bus fare (since buses won’t give you change in return). Do yourself a favor and opt to carry around a little extra weight to save you from spending more in the long run!

9. Kleenex

I cannot live without Kleenex. Not only is it helpful when your nose decides to turn into a faucet while you’re in public, but they are also helpful when you’ve forgotten your powder and need to blot your face clean of oil! Furthermore, I go so far as to fold a sheet of it over and use it as floss when I’m really desperate!

10. Hair ties and bobby pins

This is a habit from junior high that has probably stuck with many of us ladies: wearing a hair elastic on your wrist. While I personally never have and never will do that, I am definitely not against it by any means! I personally prefer to wear rubber elastics, so they’re not exactly comfortable to wear on your wrist (unless you enjoy having your circulation cut off). I throw a few elastics in a small makeup bag and keep it in my purse or backpack. As for bobby pins, I stick a few in the corners of the card slots of my wallet – this keeps them organized and I know that I will always have them!

Those are my 10 items that I wouldn’t ever leave my house without! What are some things that you would never leave the house without?

– Nicole, prepared for anything



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