Red Lips for the Red Carpet

Since the Oscars are just around the corner, I thought I would discuss some of my absolute favourite shades of red lip colours that will make you look as glamorous as the starlets who will be rocking the red carpet this weekend.

Before even thinking about applying red lipstick, ensure to exfoliate your lips! Under lipstick, every flake of dry skin becomes visible and amplified, which looks terrible! Rub a toothbrush on your lips or use a lip exfoliator to get rid of dead skin! I highly recommend The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ. It’s very abrasive, so it gets the job done while tasting absolutely delicious! After exfoliating, it is also important to prime your lips. For this, I recommend Bite Beauty’s Line and Define Lip Primer. It holds the colour to your lips all day, and helps to achieve a clean, crisp line without having to purchase a lip liner!


 Photo on 3-3-2014 at 3.20 PMPhoto on 3-3-2014 at 3.21 PM

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Red Velvet

This little beauty costs about $5.00 and provides a high-end pigmentation while feeling smooth, creamy, and hydrating. I always get compliments when I wear this colour, and everyone is shocked to find out that it is a drugstore product! I love this colour because it offers slightly blue undertones, which look awesome when you have pale skin like I do!

Photo on 3-3-2014 at 3.21 PM #3Photo on 3-3-2014 at 3.24 PM #2

Covergirl Incredifull Lipcolor in Maximum Red

Another great priced lipstick, this red is a little bit more orange, but it’s definitely good for when you want an explosion of colour! The thing with this lipstick, though, it that I got it quite a long time ago (it was actually the first red lipstick I ever bought!) and it is now discontinued; however, Covergirl has released a new line of lipstick, Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor, and it claims hat the shade “Hot” is a duplicate of it.

Photo on 3-3-2014 at 3.33 PM #2

Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick in Menace

Welcome to the dark (red) side! This is a beautiful, deep red lip colour that will definitely get noticed. The pigmentation is excellent and it provides a plumping effect to really get that Angelina Jolie pout!

My attempt at being menacing

My attempt at being menacing

Photo on 3-3-2014 at 4.05 PM







Tarte Cosmetics LipSurgence Lip Tint in Enamored

This is a light and fun colour that is ultra-moisturizing and provides daylong colour. While this lip colour is a little more sheer, it is an awesome way to get a red hue without it being too overpowering – which is good if you are just starting to wear red lipstick or do not feel comfortable wearing a super-bold colour.

Photo on 3-3-2014 at 4.11 PM #4

To make sure that you have a red-carpet-ready smile once you’ve applied your colour, be sure to fold a Kleenex in half (another good reason to carry Kleenex on you) and put it in between your lips.

Photo on 3-3-2014 at 3.27 PM Photo on 3-3-2014 at 3.27 PM #2








This will help you avoid getting lipstick on your teeth!


Do any of you have any go-to shades of red that you love to wear?

– Nicole, looking like a clown after applying way too much red lipstick in order to take photos

p.s. GO LEO!


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