5 Pieces of Makeup I Can’t Live Without

I have more makeup than I know what to do with. It’s packed into my bathroom cabinets, busting out of several makeup bags, and is now successfully seeking refuge in my closet. I truly am a beauty junkie. However, no matter how sad it is, I can’t take all of my makeup with me everywhere I go! So, if I were going somewhere and were only allowed to take 5 pieces of makeup with me, these would be my top picks:

  1. Concealer
    • Hiding blemishes is a really important step in makeup for most, if not all, women. Thank God for concealer. It can be used for lightening up dark under eye circles, as well as masking acne, black and whiteheads, and any other detriments that you don’t like! For me, masking my blemishes and just blending it out like crazy is more important than covering my whole entire face with product, hence why I’m choosing concealer over foundation!
  2. Brow Filler
    • If you read my Mind the Gap post, you’ll know that I transition between different shades to fill in my eyebrows based on my hair colour. Good brows are so important to me that I would never be able to go somewhere without my brow product! Plus, I could totally use my brow colour as eyeliner since it’s fairly dark!
  3. Powder
    • My most recent post discusses how I suffer from very oily skin, which is why having some form of power is of utmost importance to me. I absolutely cannot stand having a shiny face, so I definitely need powder, whether it be loose or pressed, to keep me matte! As an added bonus, it can basically be used as a light coverage foundation!
  4. Blush
    • I absolutely love using blush. It gives the sweetest pop of colour on your cheeks and makes you look absolutely adorable. I never leave the house without applying blush because it brightens up any face, and makes you look more multi-dimensional than a face that is just a solid colour from foundation!
  5. Mascara
    • I think that this one is a complete given. Much like my eyebrows, I need my eyelashes to be full, dark, and noticeable! This can only be achieved through using mascara, which is why I would never be able to leave it behind!

What do you think about my 5 most important pieces of makeup? Would you bring the same items as me? Or some that are entirely different? Comment below and let me know!

– Nicole, thankful that I don’t have to live off of 5 pieces of makeup!

From left to right: powder, macara, blush, concealer, brow filler.

From left to right: powder, mascara, blush, concealer, brow filler.


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