Would You Rather: Beauty Edition!

I came across this idea while looking at Glamour magazine’s website! I figured it would be interesting to give it a go, so here’s my pretty and professional take on a classic slumber party game! Enjoy (and don’t judge me too hard)!

Q: “Would you rather dye your hair neon green for a month or shave off your eyebrows and eyelashes?”

A: Anyone who knows me knows that I would, no questions asked, dye my hair neon green for a month! I value my eyebrows too much to shave them off! Plus, there is a crazy invention called “hats” that are meant to be used on bad hair days!

Q: “Would you rather only wear makeup on the weekends or only on the weekdays?”

A: This is a tough one! For me, it is important to look good all of the time, especially at school since it is a slightly more professional atmosphere than the bar on the weekend. I would probably have to go with only being able to wear makeup on weekdays – I’ll just go out to the bar on Thursdays instead!

Q: “Would you rather have your favourite TV show be cancelled or have your favourite hair product get discontinued?”

A: I don’t necessarily have a favourite television show, so I definitely think that losing my favourite hair product would be too much of an emotional toll to handle! The one product I can’t live without is Moroccan Oil, so I think I speak for many ladies when I say that we would give up almost anything to keep this brand around!

Q: “Would you rather give up toothpaste or shampoo?”

A: Again, this is another tough one. However, I’d definitely have to say that I would give up shampoo. Not only is oral hygiene important for one’s health, but I’ve recently read about this new “No-Poo” trend where people don’t wash their hair with shampoo, but instead use baking soda! I’m not sure how effective it is, but I would rather have greasy hair than rotted out teeth!

Q: “Would you rather have 10 times the amount of money in your bank account or perfect hair?”

A: Well, if I had 10 times the amount of money in my bank account, I could certainly afford to go to a world-renown stylist! I could probably even hire him or her to do my hair for me everyday, so I’ll have to go with the money for this one!

Q: “Would you rather win a trip around the world or every beauty procedure you’ve ever wanted?”

A: A trip around the world. No questions asked.

Q: “Would you rather have full lips and small eyes or big eyes and thin lips?”

A: I think that I once read somewhere that larger eyes are more attractive, so I think I would have to go with having big eyes and thin lips. In the case of that, I would totally whip out my lip plumper, or exfoliate with cinnamon to get more of a pout!

Q: “Would you rather be beautiful or hilarious?”
A: Haha, well I think that this has already been decided for me! A bad personality can make even the most beautiful woman ugly, so I would rather go with what I’ve already been given by being hilarious and having the ability to be personable and well-liked by those I talk to!

Q: “Would you rather never have to shave again or never ever sweat (without any bad side effects)?

A: I would choose to never have to shave again! Shaving is way too temporary and time consuming! Plus, they say that salt water is the cure for any and everything, and sweat is salt water! It also releases toxins from your body, so I don’t see anything wrong with it!

Q: “Would you rather give up chocolate or makeup?”

A: I absolutely love chocolate. Haha. But I would definitely choose to give it up in order to keep my makeup! While I’m addicted to chocolate, I realize how bad it is for me! So I’m going to choose to keep makeup since I can’t eat it!

Q: “Would you rather have armpits that smelled of annoying musk or delicious lasagna?”

A: What the hell? Who thinks of this stuff!? I would totally choose to smell like delicious lasagna because, KEYWORD: delicious! Haha, plus I’m partially Italian, so it’s okay!

Q: “Would you rather have perfect teeth, perfect eyesight, or perfect hair?”

A: This is tough considering there are pros and cons to everything on this list! At the end of the day, though, I would have to go with perfect teeth. While I know that they can be knocked out easily, I feel as though teeth are a good indicator of how well someone takes care of himself or herself! Plus, it is super important to have a warm and welcoming smile!

Well, I’ve made my choices! Now you can make yours! Do you think my choices are logical? Or am I completely insane for choosing something over another?! Let me know what you would choose in the comments!

– Nicole, feeling like I’m at a junior high slumber party!



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