Good Enough to Eat

Remember how, in my last post, I discussed that I would rather give up chocolate than makeup because you can’t eat makeup? Well, I found a makeup palette that looks and smells good enough to eat! I was fortunate enough to get to go to Sephora on the weekend, where I spent $150.00 on cosmetics – curse you, Sephora! There, I finally decided to give in and buy a palette that I have been eyeing for weeks now: Too Faced cosmetics’ Chocolate Bar palette.


Made with real cocoa powder, which is high in antioxidants, this palette offers a fabulous selecion of matte and shimmery brown shades, as well as a couple pink and purple tones that mix things up a bit. The case for it is adorable; it is designed to look like an actual chocolate bar!


Once you open it up, it even smells like chocolate. Talk about a great way start your day! All of the shades are richly pigmented, which I love because I can have as light or as bold of a colour as I want, so that’s always a bonus. The palette also comes with a “how-to Glamour Guide” that provides three looks that can be created with the palette, which is helpful for those who are new to makeup or have trouble finding colour combinations. I, however, am not really a fan of the given looks and prefer to make my own!


I find that this palette is very similar to Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette because they are all about shimmery and matte taupe and browns, which seem to be a continuing trend from 2013. I personally prefer the Too Faced palette, though, because it offers 16 shades (compared to 12 in the Naked2 palette) and has 2 shades that are distinctly showcased to be used as base shades, which I find to be super helpful!


Overall, I absolutely love this palette! I have worn it everyday since purchasing it, and definitely have no regrets dropping $59.00 for this bad, but super delicious, boy! I would highly recommend it to anyone with any level of skill using makeup!

That’s all I’ve got for now! What eye shadow palettes do you love to use?


– Nicole, trying to restrain myself from eating my makeup!


3 thoughts on “Good Enough to Eat

    • I know! 🙂 I absolutely love that they actually made it look like a real chocolate bar! And, as I mentioned in my post, it literally let’s off such a delicious and chocolatey smell that I’m absolutely addicted to using it! It’s like having a chocolate bar without all of the calories, haha!

      • Ya I have the chocolate soleil by too faced bronzer and I love the chocolate smell. It’s great when I’m dusting around my face to get a whiff of chocolate 🙂

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