Product Review: Tarte’s Colored Clay CC Primer

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I have a love affair with Tarte cosmetics. During my recent $150 shopping spree at Sephora, I came across a Tarte product that I have been waiting for for quite some time: the Colored Clay CC Primer.

The clay for Tarte’s Colored Clay CC Primer comes from the coast of Brazil. The clay is then harvested, baked in the sun, and shaved into pigment for it to be infused into Tarte’s products. According to Tarte’s website, the different kinds of colored clay that can be found in Brazil have different properties and serve different purposes, such as anti-aging, hydration, oil-control, and anti-inflammation. This means that their Colored Clay CC Primer does more than just make you look good, it is actually good for your skin!

This product is unlike anything I have seen before: it is a mixture of flesh-toned coverage combined with the color-correcting power of green, and the brightening power of purple–all conveniently packed into an easy-to-apply stick. Brilliant!

CC Tube CC product

Even though the product is considered to be a primer, I have been using it in place of my foundation and find that, while it is light, it covers very well, which makes it a good replacement for foundation. However, I’ve yet to try it in combination with my usual foundation. I’ve also found that when I use this primer, my skin looks much more even and that a lot of my redness is toned down from the green colored clay. My skin also looks a lot less dull than when I only use foundation, proving that the purple colored clay makes a huge difference! I apply it before applying my concealer and finishing powder and it lasts all day.

IMG_4293 IMG_0967

Overall, I really enjoy using this product and feel that it works very well with my skin. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t enjoy the cakey feel of foundation, but still enjoys great coverage with the bonus brightening and color-correcting effects that this product provides.

What unique products do you use to achieve the perfect complexion?

– Nicole, covered, corrected, and brightened!


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