Liebster Award: Beauty Edition

Many of you probably don’t know this, but the reason that I have this blog is because of a course I’m taking for university! It’s been fun keeping up a blog about my own interest, but it’s been extremely entertaining to also get a taste of my peers’ writing styles, and also to see the things that they write about! My classmate, Scott, who is one of the funniest people I’ve met in university so far (he’s single, ladies!), recently nominated me to complete the Liebster Award. The rules are as follows:

1) Thank the rockin’ blogger that nominated you.

2) Answer the 11 questions you were given. 3) Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 500 followers. 4) Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer. 5) Tag your nominees and post a comment in their blog so they know they’ve been nominated.

Now, I hate starting chain messages, so if any of you lovely people wish to complete the questions I come up with, please feel free to do so! I made my questions beauty-oriented, just to keep it relevant to my blog’s topic :)! Also, don’t hesitate to tag me, so that I can see what crazy responses you people can come up with! Happy Liebstering! 🙂

1) What is your favourite and least favourite colour?

  • My favourite colour is grey! My least favourite colour is yellow.

2) What do you notice first about the opposite gender?

  • Either their smile or hair colour! I have a thing for straight teeth and gingers.

3) What is your favorite movie and why? 

  • Forrest Gump! It’s a movie that you can watch over and over again and always be moved by it! It makes me so completely happy to know how much the simple man can make an impact on society.

4) What upcoming or recently released movie do you most want to see?

  • I really want to see The Wolf of Wall Street! I’m in love with Leo, and I can’t believe that I didn’t actually go to see it in theatres!

5) If you could have any animal as a pet, and you didn’t have to worry about the cost or difficulty in taking care of it, what would you choose

  • A teacup pig or a monkey!

6) Which sport is your favorite to play? To watch?

  • Is drinking wine considered a sport?
  • I enjoy watching hockey because I actually understand it 🙂

7) Which website do you go on the most?

  • Probably Facebook!

8) If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, where would you choose?

  • I’m addicted to Earls!

9) What is something about you that most people don’t know or wouldn’t expect?

  • For some reason, everyone thinks that I absolutely breezed through high school. I don’t know why, but a lot of people have been telling me this lately. It bothers me that people think this because high school was an incredibly tough time for me, haha! So, I guess I just want to clarify that I’ve faced my own struggles, just as everyone else has!

10) What is your biggest fear or the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

  • My biggest fear is getting to the end of my life to look back and regret not doing all of the things I wanted to do.

11) What’s the funniest joke you can think of off the top of your head?

  • My life. (I’m totally kidding! Haha 🙂 )

Now, here are my 11 questions that you can answer: 1) Who is your beauty icon? 2) What is your favourite makeup brand? 3) What is one piece of makeup that you cannot live without? 4) What is your favourite shade of lipstick? 5) At what age did you begin wearing makeup? 6) What is one outdated trend that you think should make a comeback? 7) How long does your makeup routine take you everyday? 8) If you could name any shade of nail polish, what shade would it be and what would you name it? 9) Long nails or short nails? 10) Would you rather go a day without doing your hair or a day without doing your makeup? 11) What’s your own personal beauty secret? Feel free to write your own post, or to reply to my questions in the comments! 🙂

– Nicole


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award: Beauty Edition

  1. I’m just going to answer your questions here, because I’d rather not make a whole blog post just to answer beauty questions. Anyways, here goes:

    1) Um, I’m not exactly sure what a “beauty icon” entails. If it’s someone who you take beauty/fashion tips from, then I guess you’re my beauty icon. If it’s someone you want to look like, then Chris Evans. I want his body.

    2) The only brand I can think of off the top of my head is MAC, so I’m going to go with that. It is a makeup brand, right?

    3) “Cannot live without” may be extreme, but I use water to spike my hair sometimes. Does that count as a piece of makeup?

    4) If I had to wear lipstick, I would want it to be as clear and invisible as possible.

    5) I actually have worn makeup! For my high school drama productions I had to wear stage makeup. So I guess I first wore makeup when I was 14.

    6) You know how hearing aids used to be like little trumpets that you would hold up to your ear? I want one of those.

    7) Sometimes it takes me all of 5 minutes to get my hair exactly where I want it. Pretty crazy, I know.

    8) Oh man. So many choices. How about a series of Wizard of Oz-themed nail polish? So you could have “Wicked Witch Green,” “Emerald City (different shade of green),” “Yellow Brick Road,” “Poppy Red,” “Ruby Slippers,” and all the dark colors would be Kansas themed…I’m pretty sure I could do this for other movies too. Will you be my business partner?

    9) On me, short. For girls, long.

    10) I don’t go a day without washing my hair if I can avoid it. My hair is incredibly thin, which is great because I have the softest hair ever. But it’s terrible because my hair starts looking greasy after even 12 hours without a wash. Does that count?

    11) I don’t think I’m qualified to give out beauty secrets.

    • Haha, Scott you’re so insanely sassy! I love it! You honestly had some great answers, especially the Wizard of Oz themed nail polis — love it! I personally believe that whatever you use to feel better about yourself can definitely be considered a beautification product… even if it’s just water! Haha. And yes, MAC is a makeup brand! Thank you for answering my questions! 🙂

  2. 1) Definitely Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen. They always look impeccable and unique. Also, Gwen Stefani.

    2) I love Tarte because it’s cruelty-free! I’m trying to make the switch to all CF makeup and it is dang hard.

    3) My Stila 24 hour liquid eyeliner. Or Chapstick.

    4) Kat Von D has a purple lipstick called LUV that I absolutely love. It’s so purple.

    5) Probably when I was in the 9th grade, but it was only mascara. When I started university I had to teach myself how to apply eyeliner.

    6) I have no idea. Maybe pin-curled hair? You don’t really see that on a ton of people these days. Probably because it takes too long.

    7) If I’m rushed I can get it done in 10.

    8) Oh god. I’m not that creative. Something to do with Lord of the Rings. Like Mithril Silver or something.

    9) Short.

    10) Without doing my makeup. I have really fine hair so it gets greasy really easy. Definitely would rather look clean.

    11) Toothpaste on acne really does work sometimes! Other than that, I don’t know!

    • You have really great answers, Devin! I absolutely agree with you about the Olsen sisters, I love their style! And Tarte is my absolute favourite makeup brand! I’ve actually done a few posts on them, and it’s my dream to work for their communications department one day!! I think that pin-curled hair is definitely something that should come back. It’s time consuming as hell to do, but the results are absolutely beautiful! I have the same problem with my hair, too! I’m glad I’m not alone! Haha. Thank you for replying to my post! 🙂

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